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fanobet bonus code

Fanobet Bonus Code

Many of you already know that Fanobet is the best csgo gambling site for skins, therefore I will just start with saying that they have a fanobet bonus code that will give you free $50 instead of $25 that is marketed on their own site here. The code you should use is "LOBBY" and you will get the fifty dollars instead. And yes, I am not going to lie - if you go through my link you will support me as well. Hopefully you won't mind. Basically, I start with the code because I usually get questions about the code and not the legitimacy of Fanobet (as it is kind of obvious). But for you newcomers here is some info. 

Fanobet CSGO

Yes, if you are looking to do some skins bets on Counter-Strike you can do it at Fanobet. Frankly, they are basically the only legit betting site that also do skin betting. You will have to be over 18 yrs old and comply to all terms and conditions. You will with other betting sites have to worry about your deposit and if you will get them back. The proof that Fanobet is legit is the fact that you can bet with real money, and they have the proper betting license to be able to operate their business. 

Market Varieties

You can basically bet on anything at this site. Everything from match winner (also known as money line) to score difference and handicap bets. I personally like over/under bets the best because I feel like Fanobet are bad at valuing them so it is easy to get great odds. Just shortly, Over/under bets means that you bet on over/under a number of rounds, for example over 26.5 rounds, which would mean that the match needs to end with a score OVER 16-10. 

CSGO Gambling Sites

If you are looking for real money betting and don't like Fanobet for any reason I would go with Betspawn, they are a new and up and coming betting site. With Swedish Origin the team actually cares about their users. Also they are the only page that offers exotic bets such as top fraggers etc.


But as said, if you want a good csgo gambling site, fanobet is perfect. And remember the fanobet bonus code of $50!

CSGO Statistics

Found your CSGO gambling site but are you new to CSGO skin gambling? I won't go into any details and make this a betting guide. But you should use HLTV.org for statistics. You can find ANYTHING there. To start with, you will know the lineups and when the match starts. But for every team you can see statistics such as win-rate on EVERY map, performance and form of both team and players. Use them, the only way to win on betting is to do your homework.